A Collection of Online Reports for Educators

Education in a Changing World: Flexibility, Skills, and Employability, 2012 Report from The World Bank Literature Review on the Impact of Digital Technology on Learning and Teaching, November 2015 This literature review was commissioned by the Scottish Government to explore how the use of digital technology for learning and teaching can support teachers, parents, children […]

A Collection of Books Available on the Web

Davidson, C. N., Goldberg, D. T., & Jones, Z. M. (2009). The future of learning institutions in a digital age. Cambridge, Mass.: The MIT Press. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wo8j25ddei3w94g/8517.pdf?dl=0 Dorner, H., & Kárpáti, A. (2010). Mentoring for innovation: Key factors affecting [participant satisfaction in the process of collaborative knowledge construction in teacher training. Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks 14(4): 63-77. […]