Technology-Rich Teaching

In 2015, I published Technology-Rich Teaching with the University Press of America.

I recently found a box with a few copies of the book! If you would like to trade something on your bookshelf for one of these, drop me a note at at gmail. I will ship a copy to your office and you can send me one after it arrives!

Information and computer technology arrived in classrooms more than three decades ago. Despite the efforts of educators and technologists, much teaching and learning has remained unchanged since it arrived. This is in contrast to the widespread adoption of computer technology in many other endeavors. Changing education to reflect the dominant role of technology in society requires understanding how technology has influenced (and continues to influence) several aspects of schools. Each of these is detailed in this book.

The effects of technology on the digital generations who are now enrolled in schools are described, as is the nature of the technology-mediated interaction that will prepare these generations for an unpredictable future. Strategies and approaches for curriculum design, professional development, and other aspects of school organization are presented as well. Teachers, school leaders, technology leaders will find valuable guidance for refreshing teaching and learning that makes use of technology.