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  • Science’s Credibility Problem
    In a recent social media interaction, a member of Mastodon challenged my observation that: “The fact a large part of society has been convinced to abandon science with devastating effects is going to be what the early 21st century is known for.” In an interesting thread of replies, the responder made many observations that seemed … Read more
  • Dealing with Conflict
    I’ve worked in educational institutions since 1988. My jobs have been in public k-12 schools, public community colleges, and various universities as an adjunct faculty member. In addition, I have participated in (and been a leader of) multiple educational organizations. Almost all these organizations have been marked by have some level of workplace conflict. In … Read more
  • Is Speech a Technology?
    I recently made a seemingly obvious observation in a tweet: “Every technological innovation become obsolete.” (Yup, that is what I tweeted… I’m the worst copy editor of social media posts.) A follower (whom I also follow and with whom I occasionally interact) replied “Is speech a technology?” Realizing the response was to be too long … Read more
  • John Dewey Was Right
    I found a slide from a presentation I gave about 10 years ago. It contained three quotes from John Dewey. It seems relevant today, although I am curious what John Dewey would say about the current efforts to ban books. One must wonder it that really represents a “social interest in education” or is it … Read more
  • On Problem Solvers
    Good problem solvers recognize three realities: 
  • IT Systems: Appropriate, Proper, and Reasonable
    My blog has frequent posts with different takes on the three aspects of sound IT design within organizations. This post is a version of a summary of my ideas I prepared for a group of newly hired leaders. For IT to support efficient and effective operations, it must be appropriately designed so that it meets … Read more