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  • On Community Colleges
    I made the decision to finish my career working in community colleges. I was asked why. Here is a summary of my response. These institutions prepare […]
  • Reflecting on Pandemic Teaching
    While I am a distance learning professional and I spend most of my time working at a computer and encouraging educators to use computers, I am an educator before […]
  • On Extended Minds
    “The extended mind” has focus some of my attention recently. It seems to be one of the basic epistemological assumptions upon which many teaching, learning, […]
  • Essence and Variation
    The word “essential” is interesting. It describes that which we cannot do without. Food, water, and oxygen (in the right concentration) is essential to human […]
  • On Echo Chambers
    A friend and I were recently discussing John Perry Barlow’s “Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace.” Barlow’s ideas resonate with both of us. We were […]