Proficiency-Based Education

Teachers know “proficiencies” are coming to dominate as the buzzword that is attracting the attention of educational leaders and policy makers. (Some might characterize this as a distraction of attention from important issues an needs, but I will proceed without comment on that speculation.) One of the disputes I have with how this is being […]

“Activation Energy” and Instructional Technology

Computers and information technologies have an interesting characteristic: We can use it to be more efficient in our work, but getting to that point requires a temporary decrease in efficiency. We can illustrate this with this picture:   When we are using a “primitive” technology, we must exert a certain (and familiar) level of energy […]

The Organization of Training, Learning, Design

This is a continuation of the Training, Learning, Design post. We know educators need three types of support when they are creating technology-rich teaching and learning. Previously, I introduced training, learning and design as the types and each is labeled based on the focus of the interaction (specifically the degree to which students are included […]

Training, Learning, Design

In educational technology, there are three distinct types of professional development activities that comprise a comprehensive system to support teachers as they become competent and confident users of information technology in their classrooms. School and technology leaders who: Train teachers to use systems; Facilitate learning about technology; Actively support design of technology-rich learning; tend to […]