Teachers’ Web Presence

Schools have a responsibility to ensure each educator has a functioning account and sufficient access and storage space to maintain this web presence on web servers provided by the school.

Thing to remember about your web presence:

Vet web sites before you link. Pay attention to language, bias, and discrimination that may not have been observed by whoever recommended it to you,

Once you publish on the web, you are obligated to follow whatever it say… if the incorrect test date is on the web, then you have to honor what it said!

If you “have nothing to put up on the web,” then you are not doing your job… homework, classroom news, curriculum ideas, web sites for students all belong on your site. Be careful about posting students’ images, however.

A dynamic web presence suggests the site is updated… once per week seems the minimum at this point… several times weekly is probably more reasonable… several times per day is going to be the expectation soon. If this seem a challenge, look into embedding a Twitter feed in your page.