Thinking About High-Quality Virtual Classrooms #1

What exactly is a high-quality online course is a question that has held the attention of researchers, practitioners, and entrepreneurs for decades. Many schools have adopted their own set of guidelines, perhaps even templates other methods of making sure instructors have in place what the school leaders believe to be effective practices. Some schools have adopted one of the many series of rubrics that have been prepared by professional organizations or businesses. Faculty and instructional designers who want to conduct a thorough review of a course have many options, and each will provide comprehensive and complete guidance. A comprehensive review process can be time consuming and it typically results in many unanticipated tasks being added to each participant’s list.

There is a large subpopulation of faculty (including many adjuncts) who do not have the benefit of extended time to improve the quality of their courses. For these instructors, I believe creating and delivering a high-quality online course (for an online or remote or hybrid course) comes to a few principles.

First, design for ease of use.

Second, make sure your chunks are aligned.

Third, remember I > C > A > P, so include those types of lessons.

Fourth, be present.