Elevator Pitch on Virtual Classrooms

Faculty, especially those who teach at multiple institutions, complain about the learning management system. They wonder why they are expected to use an LMS that is not the one they prefer and they wonder why they are expected to use an LMS when they can use web 2.0 tools and email. I argue using an LMS is a valuable for students with this elevator pitch:

First, virtual classrooms consolidate educationally relevant functions and the tools extend and enhance what happens in in-person sections. If all faculty use the same LMS, students do not need to learn different tools for different courses. Second, many colleges and universities along with businesses and organizations require the use of portals for students and employees. Virtual classrooms provide students with experience using information and interacting for professional purposes in such digital spaces. Third, high-stakes testing including college placement tests and professional licensing exams are largely administered via computer interface. Giving students experience with the detailed attention to information on-screen will prepare them for those tests.