On Information

Another observation from ca. 2008:

For educators, the penetration of computer networks into the classroom has been simultaneously a great advantage and a great distraction.  Using media in previous generations, teachers could be sure an editor working within some system of accountability had approved the information, and one could be reasonably sure that media selected for the classroom accurately represented the prevailing view of professionals in the field.  This system arose in part because of the expense of creating media and in part because of the expertise needed to create the media.  Only those who were assured of a paying audience or those who could support expensive productions could publish for the masses.  When using modern media, however, one cannot assume any editorial oversight of the media appearing in public.  Hucksters, radicals, rascals, and idiots can all create content for the web and the content created by those groups appears in the same search engine results as those of professionals, experts, and authorities.