#edtech for #edleaders: Facilitating Conditions

While educators who work in technology-rich places and spaces are likely to become more independent and capable to using it, there are aspects of maintaining technology that are beyond the expertise of educators. This is particularly true of those parts of the technology that can be disastrous to other users if they are misconfigured. Also, the work of understanding the best hardware, negotiating prices, and placing orders and installing and maintaining computer systems takes time not typically available to educators and not required within the terms of contract agreements. Further, we don’t really want teachers spending time managing IT; their expertise is in teaching and teaching is what they should do.

By ensuring that technology systems are obtained, installed, properly configured and maintained; school and technology leaders are ensuring that facilitating conditions are met. When faculty are confident that facilitating conditions are sufficiently met, they are more likely to use technology in their work than when they are not.

In situations where educators perceive the facilitating conditions supporting technology are in place and fully-functioning, there tends to be greater levels of technology acceptance measured, and that is associated with increased and expanded use of ICT for instructional and other professional purposes. Among the important facilitating conditions are adequate financial support to keep equipment in good repair, adequate access to prompt support to troubleshoot and repair ICT equipment, and support for educators in their efforts to learn to use and teach with ICT. While educators can expect school and technology leaders to maintain the facilitating conditions, school and technology leaders can expect educators to be aware of and utilize procedures for communicating when deficiency in these conditions exist and school and technology leaders can expect educators to follow procedures designed to preserve the computing commons of the school.