Can You? Really?

I have started and restarted and restarted my third book several times… It finally is becoming clear what I want to say. I happened to be telling a former colleague about it, including the theme of “deeper learning” and how we teach for deeper learning.

She expressed some interest and suggested that elements of my concept of deeper learning (such as students being able to use what they learn in classes in unfamiliar situations… like when they get out in the real word) were worthwhile. I explained that deeper learning is a concept that many have been writing about for the last few years, so framing common elements included by disparate groups in their definitions in a manner that would be helpful to faculty was challenging.

She said as we parted, “let me know when you are doing with that deeper learning idea. I want to add it to my lectures so I can tell them how to do it.”

Silently, I spoke the title of this post as she walked away.