Elevator Pitch on Data Security

Hackers are individuals or groups who try to gain access to others’ computers. Phishers are individuals and groups who try to trick users into giving them access to a computer system. Both hackers and phishers are generally after either computing capacity or data. In some cases, they want to use our computers for nefarious purposes, such as spread viruses or using your computer to launch as denial of service attack. In some cases, they want the data that is stored on the computers. Data about a specific user may be the target or large data sets may be the target. In business, proprietary business information may be the target. In schools there is usually not valuable business information, but there is valuable information about students—data that educators are obligated to protect as it could be used to harm children and families. These targets do have value, which explains the motivation of some hackers. There is also a population of hackers who attempt to break in for the challenge. No matter the motivation, any breach can be serious. ​